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Why You Need Seal Coating and Crack Sealing Services

Seal coating and crack sealing your asphalt parking lot and pavements can protect them from long-term environmental damage. With professional services, you can get the most out of your asphalt and the total value of the money you spend during installation.

To understand why you need seal coating and crack sealing services, let’s first look a little more closely at their functions.

What Is Seal Coating?

Seal coating is a procedure by which you can install a protective layer on the asphalt, protecting it from discoloration from UV rays. It prevents the asphalt from drying out too much by retaining the asphalt binder so that it keeps looking new and fresh.

In addition, seal coating will also guard the asphalt against chemical spills and oil spills. It will also prevent potholes from appearing on your asphalt parking lot, which is often a result of environmental wear and tear. The seal coat prevents water from seeping into the porous surface.

What Is Crack Sealing?

Crack sealing or crack filling procedures help prevent water accumulation in the crack of your pavements or driveways. These outdoor surfaces can develop cracks over time and tend to get wider when water gets inside them and freezes. It enlarges the cracks and allows weeds and plants to take root, further aggravating the problem.

With professional crack sealing services, you can seal these cracks for good, increasing the longevity of your asphalt surfaces. It is a cost-effective way to prevent the cracks from widening and damaging the asphalt further.

Why to Go for Seal Coating and Crack Sealing Services

Here are some reasons why a combination of seal coating and crack sealing will be in the best interest of your asphalt surfaces:

1. Prevent Expensive Repair

Most problems are best nipped in the bud, and asphalt damage is one of them. If you wait too long to protect your asphalt against sun and water damage, it could lead to costlier repairs in the future. Both seal coating and crack sealing are affordable procedures that help protect your investment.

2. Makes Your Asphalt Resistant

The constant cycle of the asphalt drying in the sun and soaking in the rain can be detrimental to the asphalt binders. Similarly, the thawing and freezing cycle only leads to bigger cracks with the water expanding and contracting the asphalt. These avoidable problems can quickly be handled with seal coating and crack sealing.

3. Prevents Seepage

Seal coating and crack sealing also make your asphalt less porous. It prevents oil spills from vehicles, chemicals, or moisture from seeping into the lower layers of the asphalt and makes it more resistant. They will make your asphalt look untidy and ruin the finish. They will also dissolve into the asphalt and eventually soften it. With professional services, you can retain your asphalt and expect it to do the job it is meant to do.

At Reliable Paving, we aim to provide you with the best seal coating and crack sealing services for all your asphalt surfaces. We also provide a host of other services for complete care of your asphalt and other outdoor surfaces. Contact us if you see your asphalt chipping, losing its shine and color, or developing cracks and potholes, and our experts will come over for a quick inspection. We assure you that your asphalt will be in the best hands, and you will get the most out of your investment.


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