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Latest Equipment Used by Paving Industry

Latest Equipment Used by Paving Industry

The paving industry is constantly evolving with the introduction of equipment that increases efficiency. Whether through cutting-edge technology or enhancements to traditional equipment, paving companies are actively looking for ways to improve their operations.

At Reliable Paving, we believe in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and technology. By investing in the best equipment and materials, we provide our clients with the highest-quality paving services.

Keep reading to learn about some of the latest equipment used in the paving industry.

Asphalt Recycler

Recycling asphalt is an environment-friendly solution to reduce construction material waste and save money. The recycler processes the asphalt and turns it into a high-quality material ready for use. This helps speed up the construction process.


Drones are one of the most popular recent technologies and are used in almost every industry. Paving companies use drones for various activities like surveying job sites, delivering accurate measurements, and creating 3D models. This data helps to estimate the amount of material needed for a project and make accurate plans for the pavement layout.

Automatic Grade and Slope Controls

New pavers now have automatic grade and slope controls, allowing for more accurate and efficient paving. By correctly positioning the sensors, operators ensure that the pavement has the appropriate depth and slope.

Rollers with Compaction Sensor System

Rollers are crucial, continuously upgraded equipment used in the paving industry. Rollers have a compaction sensor system that provides the operator with real-time feedback, leading to consistent and efficient compaction. The sensor system compacts the pavement according to the required density, ensuring its longevity.

Laser Screed

A laser screed is a machine that uses laser technology to level and compact concrete. This tool is useful for larger concrete pours and can save around 400 percent of project execution time. It uses laser technology to grade concrete flooring, which in turn creates a strong and smooth surface.

Infrared Heater

Infrared heaters repair asphalt surfaces by heating the existing pavement so that it can be reshaped and smoothed out. This method is faster and more cost-effective because it doesn't remove or replace the damaged area. Additionally, the infrared heating process generates a uniform and high-quality output because it is electrically powered.

Chip Spreader

Chip spreaders apply a layer of gravel or other aggregates to the surface of the asphalt. This method of surfacing is beneficial for creating non-slippery textures. With the help of the machine, the coated chippings are spread uniformly and boost the longevity of roads.

The aforementioned advanced array of equipment makes the paving industry more efficient and sustainable. However, it's important to note that these new technologies and materials are not a substitute for skilled workers. Our expert team at Reliable Paving, Inc. ensures that we are at the top of technology and that every project meets the highest standards.

Are you seeking an experienced paving team for your next commercial construction project? Reliable Paving, Inc. has around 40 years of expertise in asphalt and concrete paving and repairs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, learn more about our services, or get an estimate. Let us show you why we are the top choice for paving in Texas.


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