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Reliable At Your Service.

Reliable Paving is a local leader among paving companies. We offer every paving service from new construction to surface rehabilitation with outstanding craftsmanship and attentive service. You can expect extraordinary performance on every project, regardless of size. 

We especially understand the concerns of property managers, which is why we work to earn your trust. When you partner with Reliable Paving, we communicate progress and answer your questions every step of the way. We also make certain that your project does not hinder your operation and the comfort of tenants. With our broad range of services, we provide much more.  


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Working with asphalt and concrete has always been a cornerstone of Reliable Paving. Today, the company continues to thrive in this sector. The most considerable growth is public works projects. Reliable Paving enjoys both commercial and municipal clients. While trends have changed, commercial customers still do extensive work with asphalt. Governmental clients mostly use concrete. Paving in asphalt and concrete are vastly different and require different crews and equipment. Reliable maintains multiple teams in each specialty. In addition, we strive to have the most modern equipment for our staff to use. 



Asphalt is one of the most affordable surfaces for parking lots and minor thoroughfares. Concrete is more expensive to install but presents fewer maintenance issues. Both asphalt and concrete are subject to wear and tear and require repairs. Concrete repairs also include sidewalks and curbs, and light pole bases. Reliable Paving is ready to assist our clients in their repair needs, whether asphalt or concrete. Like paving, repairs require different crews and equipment. We understand repair work is usually more urgent than a paving project. Reliable Paving is committed to providing quick bids and prompt assignments to our repair crews. We also promise to keep your repair cost reasonable as we strive to build long-lasting relationships. 


Seal Coating and Crack Sealing

Seal coating covers the parking lots or drives with an oil-based tar-like coating that repels water on the surface. Crack sealing uses a thicker tar-like substance to fill in cracks that plague various parking lots or drives. Both techniques prevent surface areas from rapid decay. Work is performed on asphalt and concrete. Seal coating and crack sealing are economical ways of prolonging the life of a distressed surface. Both methods also make for an excellent component of a  preventative maintenance program. As with repairs, the timing of application is taken into account. 



An auxiliary service, Reliable Paving, does striping, whether a parking lot or a major highway. We maintain multiple striping crews that are flexible when doing their work. Much of our work is done after hours to accommodate tenants and low traffic volume. 



An auxiliary service, Reliable Paving, keeps an inventory of various speed bumps to install for parking lots and driveways. Like striping, much of our work is done after hours to accommodate tenants and low traffic volume. 



Reliable Paving can help our clients stay up to code with ADA compliance laws. Our engineers are constantly studying changes to the ADA regulations and their meaning to our clients. After project completion, Reliable Paving can provide our clients with engineer stamped letters of ADA compliance.



Contact Reliable Paving for a professionally prepared estimate or Request for Proposal (RFP) submission. The success of your next project is one contact away.

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