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How Do You Rejuvenate the Roads in Your Subdivision?

Are you a member of a homeowners' association or a resident of a subdivision? Subdivisions are wonderful places to live and have lots of advantages, especially when they are new. However, they age over time, just like anything else. Regardless of how old the subdivision is, Reliable Paving, Inc. offers services for revitalizing it.

Subdivisions are large-scale, commercial land development projects that provide excellent housing but can take years to complete. The upkeep of the major roads in communal areas falls on the shoulders of the purchasers as they start to buy and occupy the properties. A homeowner's association, whose roles are filled by the property owners, is in charge of these duties. Its main objective is to keep everything maintained for the benefit of everyone who lives in the subdivision.

Unfortunately, a lot of subdivisions are starting to fall apart because of poor upkeep. We have encountered developments where the roads are more than 10 to 30 years old and in dire need of repair by paving and sealcoating specialists. In fact, we have seen roads that have never undergone resurfacing or sealing work.

Why Is Subdivision Road Maintenance Necessary?

The main reason why you, as a homeowner, should be concerned about the state of the roads in your subdivision is safety! Cracks and potholes that form quickly can be dangerous for drivers and even pedestrians.

Any paving project should typically be maintained every three to five years with sealcoating and inspection to avoid deterioration like the ones mentioned above. You should keep in mind that every year you delay maintenance, your asphalt pavement will cost more to repair. Regular maintenance extends the life of your roads and is cost-effective.

Your property's value is also reduced by poorly maintained roads, which may hurt your chances of selling your home and moving. A potential buyer will pay close attention to your main road or driveway before making an offer.

It doesn't matter how well your yard is landscaped or how shiny the outside of your house is if the road in front of it is in poor condition. Your home's driveway and the entrance road to your subdivision serve as your guests' welcome mats. You want your road to give people a good first impression of your property.

Contact Reliable Paving, Inc. For a Quote

If you live in a subdivision that is 20 years old or older, you may also need to get quotes on the building of subdivision roads. That’s because asphalt has a long lifespan, but eventually, it needs to be replaced entirely to be effective.

Because maintaining your asphalt is so important to your community, pick a reputable contractor to start your paving project. If you choose the wrong contractor, you could lower your property values.

The contractors at Reliable Paving, Inc. have years of paving and maintenance experience. We recognize the value of having good roads within commercial land developments and how those thoroughfares raise the value of homes. We are here to support both homeowner associations and individual property owners.

Give your subdivision's pavement a facelift by contacting us today!


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